Carmen Velasco. Las Provincias


Woeful Weapons. Josep Renau and Martha Rosler reacting to war
Gallery 7. IVAM. 2015

War, be it a military warfare or a battle against a virus, raises questions and reflection. Art is a weapon to build collective ideas. Martha Rosler’s work addresses the role of women in hostile circumstances. In “Woeful Weapons” the American artist uses the Vietnam War and home spaces for her photomontages, but her pieces offer a more current and necessary interpretation: women are also at the forefront of life fighting the multiple enemy (gender violence, economic inequality, glass ceiling, machismo…). Rosler’s feminism, which connects with suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst (“I don’t look like a soldier or a prisoner, but I am both”), and the irony of her images are an exercise of intelligence.

Carmen Velasco
Las Provincias