(Staying with the Trouble, chap. 2)

Desbordes Magazine, number 0.68, April 2020

Introduction and chapter 2 of the book Staying with the Trouble, by Donna Haraway, published by the digital magazine Desbordes (with the permission of Consonni) in April 2020.

The magazine tells us: “We publish this text looking for what it can contribute to the discussion in our southern countries, where a lot of actors, indigenous people, community feminisms and political ecology groups are organized in the face of socio-environmental inequality, the enclosure of common goods, extractivism and the consequent destruction of the territory… In this sense we ask what Haraway’s text can do to our local debates and struggles, and what our practices and concepts do to the writings around Chthulucene.”

In: Desbordes magazine, number 0.68, April 2020.