2015. Documentary. Color. 30 min.  (Esperant l’aigua, cap. III)

This documentary gazes towards L’Albufera rice marshlands at sowing time. We’ll witness the relation between Francesc Moncholí, a young farmer, with an aged and transformed world in the last fifty years. A threatened world by progress over time when a very few farmers, like Francesc, find consciously and voluntarily a life project.

2015. Documentary. Color. 30 min. Third chapter of the documentary series Esperant l’aigua.

Starring: Francesc Moncholí and Vicent Moncholí. Directed by: Miguel Ángel Baixauli. Interviews and production: Vicent Llorens (Fundació Assut) and Miguel Ángel Baixauli.

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Thanks to Artxiviu de l’Horta.