The IVAM produce

THE IVAM PRODUCES. THAT PINK THING: Langarita & Navarro / Jerónimo Hagerman

opening date

14 June 2018

closing date

09 September 2018

The IVAM produce

Esa cosa rosa

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THAT PINK THING is a temporary intervention made on the IVAM’s façade by the artist Jerónimo Hagerman (Mexico City, 1967) and the architects María Langarita (Calatorao, 1979) and Víctor Navarro (Madrid, 1979). Their intention is to reveal an IVAM parallel to the one that was designed on the basis of the modern logic of what is hard and solid, and to materialise a space that provides a response to contemporary concerns about energy, the ecosystem, politics, the public sphere and sensibility.

Unlike the existing construction, the materiality of That Pink Thing will be organic, soft, flexible, moist, porous and living. Thus the torrid sensation felt when crossing the terrace that leads to the entrance to the museum will be replaced by a refreshing experience that invites us to linger a little longer in the area that will be created. The perception of the terrace as a place of transit will change and it will be transformed into an exterior room in which other museum activities can take place, sheltered from the severity of the summer.

The IVAM produces