The IVAM produce

THE IVAM PRODUCES: Soledad Sevilla. The Patriarch

opening date

17 January 2019

closing date

16 June 2019

The IVAM produce

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The project created for the façade of the IVAM by Soledad Sevilla (Valencia, 1944) is based on a persistent memory from her teenage years in Valencia: the geometric tiles that cover the wall of the cloister at The Patriarch’s Church (Iglesia del Patriarca). Yet it is not by chance that she chose such an image; it has to do with the close links between the selected object, the building, and the city itself.

As the artist points out: “We don’t realize it but we’re always remembering things… Our memories determine our vision and make it possible.” It was this realization and the suggestions and connections it triggered that made this intervention come true on the Museum’s front wall.

The IVAM produces