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Line and color in the IVAM collection

opening date

20 July 2017

closing date

16 September 2018

James Turrell / Porterville, 2004
Hans Hofmann / Scintillating red (Rojo brillante), 1962
Adolph Gottlieb / Tilted wall, 1968
Eusebio Sempere / Relieve luminoso, 1955
Pierre Soulages / Peinture, 11 julliet 1965, 1965
Lucio Fontana / Concetto spaziale / concepto espacial, 1958
Henri Michaux / Sin título, 1956
Juana Frances / Pintura nº 12 (JF 157), 1960
Antoni Tàpies / Gran diptic roig i negre, 1980
Manuel Millares / Cuadro 65, 1959
Richard Serra / Prop, 1968
Susana Solano / Sweets, 1991
Peter Halley / Skin Trade, 1994
Luis Gordillo / Serie Limo, 1991
Allan McCollum / Collection of 60 drawings nº 7, ca. 1988 - 1990
Elizabeth Murray / The Lowdown, 2001
René Daniëls / O T (De Terugkeer van de Performance), 1987
Jordi Teixidor / Pintura Azul I, 1986

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This exhibition aims to analyse abstract art practices developed in the post-war period to the present day, from those most sublime to the most ideological proposals, from the object to the concept, trying to unravel their meanings and contradictions, examining their techniques and procedures.

The exhibition will cover thematically and chronologically the movements that were emerging since the middle of the 20th century burst into the art field a great scepticism, not only generated by the suffering and the experience of different armed confrontations such as the Spanish Civil War or Second World War, but derived from a deep rationality crisis opened by the so-called historical avant-garde investigations.

The new approaches hatched during the post-war period attached to the existentialist philosophers theories, revindicating the subjectivity and the individuality above any principle or political thought.

The abstraction eclosion




José Miguel G. Cortés, Josep Salvador and Mª Jesús Folch


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