The IVAM produce


opening date

18 October 2018

closing date

03 February 2019

Pepe Miralles / Mesa pizarra ELISA
The IVAM produce

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ELISA is presented as a detection device from the relationship between “antigen” and “antibody”. An exhibition time in which to carry out tests to detect, mediate and archive the impacts that HIV has caused on the bodies of men who have sex with men. This device, which is part of the investigation Effect of a force applied abruptly, allows to abandon the opaque research techniques showing the processes, visualizing phases and data of the investigation. In addition, ELISA generates a space in which to carry out actions through proposing agents, flow communities, co-payments, claims, circumstances, estrangements and links, in order to continue constituting the Archive, object and practice of this research.


– Reading the book of questions
– Reading of the stigma book
– Claims from the sling
– Conversations in dark room mode
– Non-obstructive observations of works of art from the IVAM collection
– Count the exhibition / listen to the exhibition
– Conversing with the public randomly
– Heat and coffee, as a reception center

The IVAM produces