IVAM Collection

The permanent collection is undoubtedly the epicenter of IVAM. This is a unique collection, which is one of the most outstanding in Spain and has enabled the IVAM became a museum with great personality. It has an enviable artistic heritage with works from different geographies and cultural contexts: Valencian artists, Spanish, European, Latin American, North American…

Since it began to form in 1985, enriched by continuous acquisitions and donations, with sets of such notable works as Julio González (1876-1942) and Ignacio Pinazo (1849-1916), the IVAM collection has been structured around some conceptual and historical axes that ply the historical avant-garde of the early twentieth century, leading into the second half of that century.

A detailed study of the collection material leads to the conclusion that the innovative and experimental nature of modernism and avant-garde traverses much of the works related to the first four decades of the twentieth century.

Today the collection features the impressive number of 11,322 works in various disciplines: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, installation, etc.

JULIO GONZÁLEZ INTERNATIONAL PRIZE was established in 2000. The award is given in order to honor artists who stand out for their international projection and their contribution to the modern art development. List of winners

Collection Focuses

The IVAM collection is organized around criteria that emphasize its strong specific personality. Is committed to combining modern and contemporary, global and local, chronological and transversal, perceptive and research, discursive and participatory.

IVAM Collection is divided into eight central themes that underpin a unique museum, with characteristics different from the others, with an identity defined based on the study and analysis of the last century artistic languages: Julio González and Ignacio Pinazo (two key benchmarks in the beginning of modernity), Analytical Abstraction, Dreamlike Poetics and Dada, Gestural Informalism, Reality and its chronicles, Urban Cartography, Individual Mythologies and Contemporaneities 1980-2010.

  • Analytical Abstraction
  • Dreamlike Poetics and Dada
  • Gestural Informalism
  • Reality and its chronicles
  • Urban Cartography
  • Individual Mythologies
  • Contemporaneities 1980-2010
  • Julio González & Ignacio Pinazo

Exhibitions of the collection

Catalogue access

From here anyone interested in knowing the IVAM collection funds can consult freely. This space is also directed to researchers who need to know the titles, execution date, size or type of work of the pieces that are part of the museum’s collection.