Ana Moure. À Punt


Helena Almeida. Corpus
Galeria 7. IVAM. 2017

Two images come to my mind when I think about this exhibition: in the first one, one of the artist’s legs is tied with a rope to a man’s leg, her husband’s, the architect Artur Rosa; in the other, Helena Almeida seems to be looking out a window, brushing away a smear of blue paint as if she were drawing a curtain. These photographs evoke the themes captured in the work of the Portuguese artist: the role of women, loneliness and lack of communication. “Corpus” brought together more than 50 works by Almeida from the 1960s to 2017, shortly before her death. It was fortunate to be able to approach in Valencia the work of this artist, a feminist reference and pioneer in the use of her own body as a work of art.

Ana Moure
À Punt