+MOGUDA! IVAM’s library for teachers

Let's chat and read: reading applications and utopias from the IVAM library for teachers

15 December 2021 - 01 December 2022

Moguda! IVAM’s travelling school library in the neighbourhood expands its scope and its spaces with this initiative of a permanent collection for teachers. +Moguda! aims to serve as an inspiration to bring contemporary art into the classroom, immersing the students’ gaze with specialised readings for teachers. Located in the very heart of the Library and Documentation Centre of the Valencian Museum, sixty-five new collections enrich this bibliographic project that focuses on teachers, with contemporary art and education as triggers for moments of shared learning and readings with practical applications.

Teachers from all over Valencia can apply for a free IVAM library card, which gives them access to the books that make up +Moguda! and to the rest of the museum’s library during its opening hours.

“+Moguda! IVAM’s library for teachers” is a living tool from which to enjoy, share and enrich teaching practice. Therefore, it will be organised every three months by specialists in education, literature and the arts.

Discover the programme and sign up for the activations of “+Moguda! IVAM’s library for teachers”, because teachers at IVAM… are on the move!

Bookings and information: educacio@ivam.es

1st Activation of “+Moguda! IVAM’s library for teachers”

“Este llibre no és un zombi” (this book is not a zombie): The creative trident for teachers/classrooms/libraries

We are launching +Moguda! The library for teachers with a session to share and explore the possibilities that reading offers us in the learning processes of infancy and youth, in places as diverse and special as classrooms or… the library of a museum!

Person in charge: Fani Grande*

  • When: 15 December 2021 at 5:30PM
  • Where: The IVAM Library
  • Bookings and information: educacio@ivam.es

* Fani Grande is a writer, television scriptwriter and communications expert. She has worked in film, theatre, radio, television, print and digital press, and in educational centres. She teaches courses to improve oral skills and public speaking. She also gives workshops on personal branding, the ethical use of social networks and creative writing. She loves to give talks on encouraging reading and the craft of writing.