Educational Workshop “Modern Chinese Caligraphy. Works by Gu Gan and Pu Lieping”

From 5 years old

16 February 2012 - 23 December 2012

Free Entrance

The didactic workshop related to this exhibition will seek to immerse the participants in the creative processes and of transformation of the language of the calligraphic Chinese art, and in the genesis of the works exposed from a synthetic and existential approximation. Chinese calligraphy began to develop after the reform and the opening of China. Its starting point was the rich heritage of Chinese writing that, along with influences derived from the cultural exchange with the West attained to create a new way of artistic creation, whose inspiration comes from Chinese calligraphy.

The workshop consists of a visit guided and commented to the exhibition and of the development of a few activities related to the art of the Chinese calligraphy. A brief introduction is shown the participants in the anteroom of the workshop by means of a video on the Chinese calligraphy, from since the way a paintbrush is used to the thickness of the outline… Once in the workshop set with Chinese motives, they are proposed to paint with temperes of colours on rice paper, to realise with pencil a succession of calligraphic outlines later. Finally and to complete the composition they can choose several words of between a dozen that appear in a wall of the workshop like waxing, to reproduce them with Indian ink and Chinese paintbrushes. This educational workshop is realized in collaboration with the Confucio Institute of the University of Valencia.

During the process of work traditional Chinese music is listened as environmental sound. Once finished the didactic activity, every participant can take his work.

From 5 years old

25 people

Tuesdays to Fridays 09:30 – 13:30 h. and 15.30 – 18:30 h. Schools must reserve in advanced. Sundays’ schedule 11:00 h., 12:00 h., and 13:00 h.

The workshop takes lasts 1h. 30 min per group.

These workshops are addressed to all types of public: students, adults, occupational centres, etc.

Booking and information phone 96.3869992. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8.30 to 10.30 and Tuesday 16.30 to 19.15h.