Educational Workshop “ART AND GASTRONOMY”

From 5 years old

30 April 2013 - 09 June 2013

Free Entrance

The didactic workshop raises a relationship between plastic arts and gastronomy combining different technologies as the “collage” with basic elements of the food but fundamental in a diet balanced as it could be cereals, pasta and pulses. We want to emphasize the creative dynamics of the gastronomy and the need to do a cultural approximation and new aesthetics. The workshop keeps open the reflection on the phenomenon of the gastronomy as an expression of the society and a reflection of the contemporary culture.

A visit commented and guided to the exhibition is realised, after that and before going into the workshop, a video is watched and it is used as introduction to the activity. When you go into the workshop, you find a few tables with materials to realise the activity, there we find materials such as blue cardboards, pencils, rules and erasers, with which, you can draw the silhouette of a tavern and food such as macaroni, lentils, beans, saffron, cinnamon in powder, salt, paprika … usual in the daily diet. With all of them, the participants will be able to experience their different textures, smells, flavors and shapes.

After this first moment of contact with the materials, it´s proposed to take a blue cardboard and to draw on it the profile of a tavern, different forms and geometric silhouettes or not, in a spontaneous and personal way, as much as possible, with the available materials. On the drawing, realised, they continue adding the ingredients chosen, the cinnamon, macaroni, lentils, rice….

Once the tavern is finished, it will take as identifying element an adhesive etiquette in which the emblem of the IVAM appears with the title of the exhibition. Once the didactic activity is finished, every participant can take the composition that he has created, his own work.

This educational workshop is realized in collaboration with CONSUM.

From 5 years old

25 people

Tuesdays to Fridays 09:30 – 13:30 h. and 15.30 – 18:30 h. Schools must reserve in advanced. Sundays’ schedule 11:00 h., 12:00 h., and 13:00 h.

The workshop takes lasts 1h. 30 min per group.

These workshops are addressed to all types of public: students, adults, occupational centres, etc.

Booking and information phone 96.3869992. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8.30 to 10.30 and Tuesday 16.30 to 19.15h. (