Conversation between Zineb Sedira and Sandra Maunac on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “Zineb Sedira”


30 October 2019


Conversation between artist Zineb Sedira and art critic Sandra Maunac on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Zineb Sedira.

Zineb Sedira (Paris, 1963) explores the landscape of Algeria in a very warm, personal way, linking personal experiences with historical or political aspects while at the same time concentrating especially on questions concerning the desire of many of the country’s citizens to move away, to leave. That is why her photographs, videos and installations are characterised by using the perspective of her own experience to preserve and transmit the memory of the past as a legacy for future generations.

A rather melancholy idea, interweaving the urgency of having to depart with the desire to remain, which often gives rise to a profound feeling of rootlessness, wherever one may be. In this exhibition, therefore, Zineb Sedira will explore the notions of family, tradition, oral history, migration and the intergenerational transmission of knowledge in order to address the issue of cultural displacement and the personal and social consequences of migration.